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About Us

A startup started in 2015.

Our motto is to bring all small scale business to online ecommerce.

Today a small scale business may become large scale with a help online solutions.

  • ONECS - We delivering quality websites among the most experienced web developers from the world.
  • All our websites UI works are handle by our senior team.
  • We see the every aspects of developing websites we are following the step by step architect, designing, UI Development,and Testing.


Our services in various developing, marketing and business solutions.


In Digital Marketing, we have specialist in SEO - by doing On page and Off page and boost your business by 50% High.

Static Websites

With our skilled UI developers we make an extraordinary UI views for static and single page websites at low cost.


On content management system we create dynamic websites for shopping cart and wordpress sites to our clients.

Integrating UI

We are expert in Creating & UI Integration with ASP.NET applications for back end teams to reduce time.


We have Expertise UX developers who create a Branding Logo's, Pamplets, Advertisement Card, Invitational Posters.


We are also welcoming outside projects and freelancing to give our best in your projects and works within time.

Why onecs?

Three major reason to choose us to view your vision

Smart work

Since we will discuss before starting of every projects by planning and assigning task to each resources to make project faster to complete with client satisfaction.

On time delivery

By doing smart work in projects our developers and business analyst will delivery the project on time to client as per requirements.

Client Satisfaction

With our passion and dedication towards our projects and client works we proudly saying that we never failed to satisfy our clients.






Days Support


Hard Workers

Feel free to call us

Our, Director Gowtham Boominathan, such an heartly person he itself attend the call give response for your enqueries. Give a ring...

Our view on social media

Probably for next level of marketing will social media only it will be so helpfull for SEO - Digital Marketing / Off page services and also providing users to set trust among small scales business in online.

Using social media's we can acheive more heights by spending valuable time to interact with user's will make our business more popular among End user's. In our services we also focusing in 60% of social media followers to reach and getting response and business.

Future on mobile applications

In future the best flatform to grow your business through online by only mobile applications, because of now-a-days every users owes smartphones so they needy becomes inhand solution within there mobile phones.

Major companies now-a-days turned their web applications into handy in mobile applications even though existence of web applications, for example: Google, Facebook Inc.

In Our organisation we also started focusing in mobile development to fulfil our client requirement and making them satisfied by delivering their dreamed mobile applications.

Our Clients